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With One Touch card holders you can securely store your valuable sports and trading cards in a super clear, rigid plastic case with easy one touch magnetic closure and UV protection.

These cases are ideal to use as the final long-term storage location for your collectable cards. They’re a great choice for when you need to publicly display your cards.

To use, open the One Touch by separating the top and bottom parts of the case. Lay your card onto the bottom half, then place the top half of the case on top of the card.

Ultra Pro brand One Touch cases do not need screws to hold together the case, instead the cases are securely held together using a magnetic closure, using a small magnet at the top of the case. You can easily open the case by using your finger in the notch at the top of the case to pull the magnets apart.

With different sizes available for different card thicknesses, Ultra Pro One Touch cases are able to ensure a tight fit for whatever type of card you need to store.

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