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We are Proud To Be a PSA Authorized Submission Partner

PSA Grading

If you are interested in grading or cleaning your cards, please fill out our online form below. 

Once complete, you can print the form, then mail or bring the forms to our shop with your cards. 

As a PSA Authorized Dealer, we have established a strong partnership with PSA allowing us to provide exceptional service to our customers.

Our team of experts are well-equipped to guide you through the grading submission process. We understand that determining the value of collectibles can be a daunting task, given the abundance of information available, both accurate and misleading.

At Major Sports Cards we go the extra mile to bring clarity to the market, utilizing our extensive knowledge and access to various pricing tools such as the Beckett Price Guide, SMR Price Guide, eBay, and other reliable third-party auction price histories.

With us, you can trust that you will receive accurate evaluations and make informed decisions when buying or selling your collectibles.

PSA Submission Form Printable PDF 

PSA Submission Pricing 

 *Prices below include shipping & insurance to PSA & back to our store*

*Please keep all cards in the order they are submitted in on your form* 

Grade Service Options (approx. time frame)




Max Declared Value

PSA Value Bulk (45 business days) Separated Pre/Post -1980; 20 Card Minimum







PSA Value (45 business days)




PSA TCG Bulk (45 business days)




PSA Regular (15 business days)




PSA Express (10 business days)




PSA Super Express (5 business days)




PSA Ticket Economy (90 business days)





*Maximum Declared Value is based on the post-grading estimated value, not the raw price*.

Pricing per card as reflected above is a quote at time of card submission to Major Sports Cards. Prior to logging the cards to PSA, Major Sports Cards will notify the customer of any price increases due to value and/or offer them the option to return the cards ungraded.


Additional Charges Per Submission

  • A 4% processing fee is added to your order if you choose to pay by any form of payment other than cash for PSA fees only.
  • Shipping & Insurance Costs to PSA and Back to our store is included. Once Cards are returned from PSA, return shipping to you would be $3 per card. Insurance is recommended at $2 per $100. Free pickup at our Store is recommended.

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