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What is a live box break?  To begin with, it usually starts with a new, unopened box of sports cards. Then collectors like you can buy a “spot” for that box. That "spot" you buy gives you a chance to get one or more cards from that box once it is opened (the box break).

There are several types of “spots” you can buy depending on the box break. For example, you can pay to get all the cards found in the box of a certain specific team (the price you pay will vary depending on the team).

In some box breaks, you buy a spot and a random team or random player is assigned to you. In that case, you would get any cards found in the box of that player or that team that was randomly assigned to you.

Live card breaks are very popular and are an affordable way to have a chance to get at the high value cards found in more expensive sports cards boxes. To keep things fair, box breaks are usually done live online for everyone participating to see.

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